Greg Bleier


While Greg Bleier, Designer and Founder of Studio Unltd, is a relative newcomer to restaurant scene, he brings over a decade of commercial & residential design experience from a broad spectrum of projects. Holding a degree in Interior Design from the University of Cincinnati, Greg has worked in major architectural & design offices in New York, Cincinnati & Los Angeles. He thrives at taking on new design challenges and holds a belief that a having a diverse portfolio brings value & uniqueness to every new design endeavor. Greg sees every design as a reflection of his clients and his design style in allows for their personalities to shine. This was certainly the case in working with good friends Genevieve & Ori on Bestia. In addition to providing interior design for restaurants, such as MessHall (Los Feliz) and Bier Beisl (Beverly Hills), Studio Unltd has built up a client base of Corporate Banks, Dental Offices, Mid to High-end Residential, Hospitality, Retail and Hair Salons.

Zach Negin

co-owner of SoNo Trading Company

Since 2009, Zach Negin has been the co-owner of SoNo Trading Company, a Southern California Mustard Company. He makes mustards and other assorted goodness like shiracha sauce and fermented chili sauce often with the help of Chef Ori as a taste tester.

Zach believes, "Flavor is paramount. Anything we make must have superior flavor or quality. We've spent a lot of time sourcing superior quality ingredients. Just like Bestia, we never use additives - no stabilizers (xanthum gum, etc), no preservatives, no “natural flavors”, just real ingredients. We feel strongly about this and don't think that any of those things need to be in mustard.

Negin has been a part of the Bestia crew since Day 1 and is continually inspired by the cuisine, passion, and mentality of what Bestia stands for. You can find Zach's mustards across the country including, Whole Foods, Dean & Deluca, and various specialty shops.

Erik Sun

The Pursuit of Food

For the better part of the last decade, Erik Sun has been an avid hunter, spearfisher, and chef.  He strongly believes in the philosophy that food is not just a product - it's a process. With every boar, ram, grouper, sea urchin or lobster that he has caught, Erik uses every edible part in his dishes in order to honor the animal. That philosophy goes hand in hand with Ori's, and maybe why the two are best friends. Erik and Ori enjoy experimenting with new ingredients, whether it's the heart or the tongue or the cheek, and find out with the proper technique, it's all sensational. His adventures include catching sea urchin in Palos Verdes and hunting wild boar with bow and arrow in Bakersfield. Erik also runs his own spearfishing company in South Africa, is a partner in a Montana Natural Prime cattle ranch, and is the Hunter and Chef for the Pursuit of Food.