Bestia and BlueCut Chef’s Love Apron | Benefiting CoachArt

Bestia and BlueCut Aprons come together to support CoachArt, an amazing grassroots organization benefiting children with long-term health issues and disabilities.

Teaming up with our friend, neighbor, and designers, Chachi Prasad, & Karam Kim Co-founders of BlueCut, we created a custom apron where CoachArt will receive 100% of the proceeds.


We decided on CoachArt, a charity based in the South Bay of California, which focuses on creating a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. The fact that we knew that the children being benefited were right here in our community was the final deciding factor that this was the right choice for what we wanted to do

‘Chefs Love Apron’ is a charity formed by Chefs Ori and Genevieve alongside Chachi Prasad, Karam Kim and BlueCut Aprons. We have adult aprons for $75 and a matching children’s sized apron for $65 for ages 8-14, where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to CoachArt.

We have Bestia aprons available for purchase in the restaurant or via mail upon request. Please visit us at Bestia or email us at to inquire about direct shipping.


What is CoachArt?

CoachArt was founded in 2001 to connect families impacted by childhood chronic illness with volunteers who could provide coaching in arts or athletics. Today, CoachArt offers free, high-quality arts and athletics activities to 1,000 children annually in the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay Area, thanks to the efforts of 400 volunteer coaches. More than 50 Community Program Partners donate lessons, activity spaces, and supplies to CoachArt each year.

Kids with chronic illnesses often feel isolated, fall behind socially or physically, and miss out on many of the activities their peers engage in.  Their siblings may also miss out on “normal” childhoods when family resources and attention are focused on the ill child. CoachArt matches these kids up with volunteer “coaches” for in-home lessons or group activities.

CoachArt programs are rewarding for kids and coaches alike.

Why did we choose CoachArt?

CoachArt is a very grassroots organization; the money goes directly to them and their budget is minimal, but a little money goes a long way. Based on things that don’t cost money like their volunteers, donations can directly help a child.

Many times, organizations focus on children that are in immediate danger, and once they are out of danger they are no longer eligible for services. CoachArt gives kids the opportunity for one time a week when they’re not at a doctor’s appointment, they’re not having tests run on them, no questions, no school work to get caught up, they’re doing something fun, and life skill building, one on one with a person that’s not a family member who is there just because they care.

Tell us about the apron:


This is the first of hopefully many custom designed aprons to benefit a charity. Ori and I designed the apron with BlueCut. At Bestia, the staff will literally be wearing our support around the restaurant and every apron will have a scan code that goes to the Bestia website so that customers can purchase on the spot.

BlueCut, utilizing the best materials and quality workmanship, handcrafts the aprons in Los Angeles.  Each apron is made of high-end Cacao colored denim, contrast red and navy striped pockets along with BlueCut’s signature rose gold hardware and contrast neck strap detail.  NFC/QR technology was specially developed for this project by BlueCut, so consumers can purchase easily with a scan from their mobile device.

In order to raise as much money as possible, we at Bestia and BlueCut have covered the complete cost to produce these aprons so that every dollar given towards buying an apron goes directly to the cause. No production, material, or labor costs involved go towards the purchase of an apron.