Behind…the Apron

Genevieve: a woman of too many words and many passions.

At the ripe old age of five she spent 25 cents for her first apron at a garage sale! Can you believe it? 25 cents! THEN, she had to walk 5 miles back to her Southern California home in the snow after she purchased it.

Her mother told her it was a waste of money…

But little Genevieve loved her first apron and wore it often even though it fit more as a floor-length wrap skirt. Move over DVF and your famous wrap dress.

Bestia Apron


Years later Genevieve was gifted her grandmother’s aprons. Although they never met, ironically the material came in her favorite colors, orange and yellow.


Bestia Aprons


To this day, Genevieve still feels like the iconic housewife apron is an underutilized accessory, similar to the ascot and cummerbund.