Chatting with Chachi from Blue Cut Aprons

We sat down with one of our favorite neighbors and designers, Chachi from BlueCut Aprons, and got a look behind his fashion line, how he got started, and what his favorite thing to eat at Bestia is.

So, why aprons? Give us a little scoop on how you got started and why? We’ve been in the denim game for so long, which is why chef’s came to us back in 2009 to develop aprons for them.  There wasn’t anything available to them other than the humdrum linens, or super pricey aprons.  We very much liked the energy of the culinary world, and with the help of our close friend Chris Miale, we developed BlueCut Aprons. Our goal was to offer custom products encompassing fit and function, which allows the chefs to look stylish.

Did you ever work in the kitchen? LOL…of course! My own! I’ve always been the cook in the household…I did work in kitchens back east while I was in college.  Mostly Italian food. I even ran some pizza places…LOL.  I was the guy who would hang out in the kitchen with moms while growing up.  Each one of them had some sort of secret ingredient or technique.  I grew up with a bunch of Italians who really knew their way around the kitchen.  I do love cooking for others.

If you had to choose one designer to collaborate with, who would it be and why? I already do collaborate with that designer…my wife Karam Kim.  She is an amazing talent and we feed off each others energy!


If you could invite anyone to dinner – near, far, past, present, future – who are you bringing as your +1? My grandfather…I have simple yet strong memories of my Grandfather.  He was a scholar and tried to mold me into a man early on in life.  The best things in life are shared over a great meal, so I would invite him to the best meal possible and share my life with him.

Are you stopping at aprons, or do you have any new projects up your sleeve? Clients are constantly asking us to develop new products.  We are launching a few different products along with a separate division.

You’re having a baby! Congratulations! What are you most excited/nervous about? Thank you so much! Very excited, yet so nervous that it’s a girl.  But, most of all, I’m grateful to be expecting a child.  I know she’ll melt my heart.  Does Bestia make baby food yet?

What is your favorite dish at Bestia? OMG the muscles and clams!! What does Ori put in that dish? Sometimes, I get the dish and make a nice bowl of spaghetti and add Ori’s Muscle’s and Clams to the dish….it’s so good! I love, love, love this dish.  Of course, you have to order extra bread to dip.

Bestia Apron

How did you get into aprons from your fashion background? It was a natural transition from our denim company. Our design background helps us create pieces which are not only functional, but also aesthetically proper.  We’re not chef turned apron makers, we are actual designers who understand fabrication, manufacturing and aesthetics.  We don’t simply cut fabric and add straps to them and call them an apron.  When we work with clients, they appreciate that we can offer them this knowledge with a fashion background.

What made you live in the Arts District? It reminded us of the East Coast.  We lived in the East Village for a while and the people and energy seemed to be very similar.  We lived at the Toy Factory Lofts, which is a fantastic buildings.  I also had the honor of serving as the President of the Board for the community.  We moved to 2121 because you feel like you’re an oasis of sorts…away from a typical Downtown living.  Our Bernese Mt. Dog, Vesey, loves this neighborhood!

Bestia Aprons