Wilding Cran

Wilding Cran Gallery, founded by Anthony Cran and Naomi Wilding, launched in April 2014, and represents international contemporary artists working in a variety of mediums. The gallery also hosts special events ranging from live music to art performances. Their next door space, Unit B, is used as an independent project space. In addition to Wilding Cran’s mission to promote and place the work of represented artists, the gallery also serves as a platform to support local and universal social causes through arts education programming and philanthropic work. Gallery hours: Wed - Fri, 11 - 6, Saturday, 12 - 7, Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.


August Uncommon

Gina Zupsich and Aaron Shinn are newcomers to the culinary scene. Their travels around the world made them realize that tea in America had lost its luster, and badly needed a facelift. They use their expertise in design, ethnography, and education to reinvent tea as a vibrant part of American gastronomy. August Uncommon tea offers culinary blends, small seasonal batches, and a modern brewing system. Like their neighbors Genevieve and Ori, Gina and Aaron are a couple who love working together to bring novelty and excitement to the fast-paced world of food and beverage. August Uncommon Tea is their response to the challenge of elevating tea to a modern experience that is about flavor, pleasure and beauty.


Studio Unltd

Greg Bleier, Designer and Founder of Studio Unltd, brings over a decade of commercial & residential design experience from a broad spectrum of projects. Holding a degree in Interior Design from the University of Cincinnati, Greg has worked in major architectural & design offices in New York, Cincinnati and Los Angeles. He thrives at taking on new design challenges and holds a belief that a having a diverse portfolio brings value and uniqueness to every new design endeavor. Greg sees every design as a reflection of his clients and his design style in allows for their personalities to shine. This was certainly the case in working with good friends Genevieve & Ori on Bestia. In addition to providing interior design for restaurants, such as MessHall (Los Feliz) and Bier Beisl (Beverly Hills), Studio Unltd has built up a client base of Corporate Banks, Dental Offices, Mid to High-end Residential, Hospitality, Retail and Hair Salons.


Erik Sun

For the better part of the last decade, Erik Sun has been an avid hunter, spearfisher, and chef. He strongly believes in the philosophy that food is not just a product - it's a process. With every boar, ram, grouper, sea urchin or lobster that he has caught, Erik uses every edible part in his dishes in order to honor the animal. That philosophy goes hand in hand with Ori's, and maybe why the two are best friends. Erik and Ori enjoy experimenting with new ingredients, whether it's the heart or the tongue or the cheek, and find out with the proper technique, it's all sensational. His adventures include catching sea urchin in Palos Verdes and hunting wild boar with bow and arrow in Bakersfield. Erik also runs his own spearfishing company in South Africa, is a partner in a Montana Natural Prime cattle ranch, and is the Hunter and Chef for the Pursuit of Food.



Gettlove is a nonprofit organization founded by Aileen Getty in 2005 to secure permanent housing for chronically homeless individuals and provide support services to assure their housing is sustained. Gettlove is committed to providing services through a companionship model, where the case manager and client navigate the complex journey out of homelessness together. Gettlove further strives to be both a catalyst and a model within the community, implementing and evaluating innovative practices that can be replicated throughout the country. Gettlove hopes to demonstrate the power of relationships, the importance of instilling a sense of belonging in every member of the community, and the effectiveness of permanent housing.


BlueCut Aprons

BlueCut is the creation of several talents, Chachi Prasad and Karam Kim, a husband and wife design team who live and work in the Arts District in Los Angeles since 2007. They are the founders and creative directors of the premium denim line Bishop. The New York City natives cut their teeth on Fashion Avenue, working for Calvin Klein, John Varvatos, Yigal Azrouel and Oscar by Oscar de La Renta. Chachi and Karam enjoy the culmination of the energy and people around this unique piece of Los Angeles. They partnered with longtime friend and entrepreneur Chris Miale, founder of Intox Productions, a creative boutique in New York specializing in brand design and development, whose clients have included Saatchi & Saatchi, Deutsche Bank, Benihana and Litton Entertainment. BlueCut's American made goods, is bringing a fresh approach to chef wear with handcrafted aprons and chef’s coats. Established in 2014, BlueCut utilizes the finest materials to create cutting edge and practical culinary wear for both men and women. Like your favorite dish at Bestia our apron recipe is simple, we hand pick from the finest mills, design with meticulous attention to detail, and handcraft each piece for a unique experience. In 2012 they were honored to be commissioned by Genevieve and Ori to design custom aprons for Bestia utilizing fine Italian denim. Since then we have cultivated an ongoing relationship allowing us craft and test new products with Ori. Designed for chefs, home cooks and others, BlueCut's designer aprons are bringing a unique approach to culinary apparel.