Bestia and BlueCut Chef’s Love Apron | Benefiting CoachArt

June 3, 2016

Bestia and BlueCut Aprons come together to support CoachArt, an amazing grassroots organization benefiting children with long-term health issues and disabilities. Teaming up with our friend, neighbor, and designers, Chachi Prasad, & Karam Kim Co-founders of BlueCut, we created a custom apron where CoachArt will receive 100% of the proceeds. We decided on CoachArt, a […]

A Perfect Blend

April 20, 2016

Our talented friends over at August Uncommon have created their first custom tea blend, Avalon, for Bestia.  Avalon is a burnt apple oolong served chilled on draft, and we just can’t get enough of it. This tea is a collaboration between August’s culinary lead, Gina Zupsich and chefs  Chef Ori and Genevieve.  It’s their first collaboration. We […]

Twist of the List

Ever notice those images on top of the wine list at Bestia? You can thank Ryan Ibsen, our in-house sommelier for those.

Here’s a little insight on how he started.  Also, make sure to check out the video with his favorites (turn up the volume!).

“I had spent a long time thinking about what the wine list at Bestia should look like.  I had come up with some visual ideas that I liked that would have been more fixed, but, as I began to realize the time, effort and money, that would be put into something that would like sameish, my mind began to wonder.

The only thing that is constant regarding the wine program at Bestia, is that some aspect of the list changes everyday.  I have long focused on wines from producers that there never will be a surplus of.  So I thought, if one, or three, or ten items on list are changing everyday, why not change the header everyday? The worst it could do is start a conversation, usually a humorous one.

I knew immediately that I wanted the images to have nothing to do with the wine at all.  They are largely arbitrary, with occasional deeper meaning.  It seems pretty clear to me that it is a wine list without having to write WINE LIST on top.  There is always a reflective something written at the bottom of the list in relation to the image that almost nobody ever notices.  Except my co-workers!

Authoring this list has afforded me an opportunity to have a creative outlet daily.  I truly relish it.”


Turkey Travel Tips from Chef Ori’s Dad

April 1, 2016

From a young age, Chef Ori’s dad clearly inspired his son through food.  Today is no different. “Dad knows best” and recently shared his favorite spots in Turkey with the family pre-trip. 1. Kasap Osman 2. Karadeniz Pide ve Doner Salonu 3. Sehazad Erzurum  4. Ciya 5. Hamdi