When Life Gives You Lemons…

Savor Its Bitterness.

Artist Kat Poteet reveals the inspiration behind the lemon tree sketch in the entry way. 

Genevieve pushed this concept, I embraced and ran with it…The tree needed to look ancient.  We wanted it to have a twisted aspect to it.  I still imagine the lemons to be sweet (which hardly makes sense, except that they are the tree’s brightest visual element), but the overall character of the tree is that of having a dark history.  In order to align with the macabre elements of the interior, its ‘shadow self’ has bled through the walls revealing a darker nature.

Bestia Mural

Execution:  You’ll notice a lot of charcoal lines left purposely to enhance the skeletal nature of the tree.  Lending the tree a skeleton and a figurative look (attempting to humanize it in a way), naturally, I think, makes the ‘history’ story more believable. It has the old, knotted, weathered limbs of an old crone.

Lettering in the front: The design has a similar theme: that of a long history, shown by it’s wear and tear. This was achieved by applying layers of paint mixed with an extending medium and systematically wiping off certain areas to reveal more of the metal underneath.  We can call this “Accelerated wear and tear technique.”

Bestia Art